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Social Media Risk Assessments

What would you say if we told you we could find everything a hacker would need to know to attack your network and facilities successfully, and that we found it all online? Everything from the make and layout of your employee badges to employee numbers and login IDs, to your current anti-virus and O/S patch level? Would you be shocked?

Well you shouldn't be.

Today, most companies have social media policies to help reduce the amount of data leakage from their business. Surprisingly, the vast majority of them never bother to discover what information about them has already leaked, or how it got into the wild in the first place.

We bring a leading edge approach to InfoSec by offering companies "social media risk assessments", an in depth analysis of data leakage that digs through social networking sites, business intelligence sources, job boards, and many other OSINT (open source intelligence) sites to create a comprehensive analysis of how and where a company is bleeding critical security and business information. We use the exact same techniques we've used successfully to win the Defcon hacker convention's social engineering data mining competition.

The resulting dossier is then used to leverage simulated social engineering attacks on the client, to confirm the efficacy of the gathered information. Finally, a report is generated, along with suggested policies and procedures to assist the client in becoming more secure against social engineering attacks. For an additional charge, the scope can be expanded to identify a company's main online antagonists, and develop strategies to mitigate or counter said critics.

We staff these engagements with leaders in the field of social media security and social engineering, including a Defcon SECTF Black Badge winner. Our analysts have appeared in the WSJ, PBS, CBS News, Fox News, and CIO magazine, among others, so you are getting the best of the best. Our cost-effective pricing makes us the market leader in the field, and our subject experts yield results.