We are currently engaged in four research projects that we feel will cause quite a stir in the information security world. We are also engaged in creating a case study on a very interesting client we are assisting.

Project #1: A project about internet privacy with specific application to corporate information gathering and espionage. We do not currently require assistance with this project, however we may soon have a need for a programmer. Any participation would be credited in the final paper. Come back and check if this opening comes to pass.

Project #2: We are developing a proof of concept application that will most likely force some important changes in the compliance arena. We currently have a CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS running for this program. If you utilize a third party to perform quarterly external PCI scans on your network, please contact us. We will present our findings to all study participants prior to their release to the security community.

Project #3: We are actively recruiting IT/security auditing firms for participation in a double blind test on auditor accuracy. All results will be cleansed by design, with no firm able to be assigned to auditor performance (good or bad). We have an open CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS for this project. Participants must be involved in performing third party assessment for PCI compliance. We are also looking for a security firm/professional willing to work as an invigilator for the study to ensure integrity of the process. All participants will be credited in the study, and will be presented with our findings prior to their release to the security community.

Project #4: This project involves a critical vulnerability with a major security application provider that many large online vendors utilize. We do not require assistance with this project.

Project #5: We are currently assistinging a public figure in dealing with a digital stalker who is attempting to damage the client's brand. We are writing a paper on this project, and documenting our efforts on brand mitigation on the web when confronted with a persistant attacker. We do not require assistance with this project.

Have a question? Want to participate in a study? Please contact us.

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